Organ Trafficking: Okorocha's In-law, Uche Nwosu, Questions Age Of Ekweremadu Daughter's Donor

Uche Nwosu, a previous contender for governor of Imo State, has commented on the struggles of Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice, a former deputy senate president.

A UK court on Thursday ordered the Ekweremadus to remain in detention after charging them with transporting a child to the country for organ harvesting.

Nwosu shared images of the "minor" and said that it was not the time to engage in political games but rather to pose difficult issues.

According to him, "My heart goes out to our brother, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his family over the travails they are passing through in the UK at the moment.

"This is not time to play politics. Reports available in the public domain today has shown that Senator Ekweremadu wrote a letter sometime in December, 2021 in support of the UK Visa Application by Ukpo Nwamini David and clearly indicated the intention for his travel to the UK.

"The questions anyone that is unbiased should be asking are, a) What is the actual age of this young man in question? Is it possible that the young man, whose photos are now in the public domain is a minor as alleged? Are those photos that of a minor at 15 years?

"b) Is it possible that the Distinguished Senator took the young boy to UK without his consent or that of his family members or guardian since the kidney donation transactions started since 2021?"

Nwosu went on demand the fixing of Nigeria's health system.


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