Gov. Soludo Set To Demolish Over 1000 Schools In Anambra State After Declaring The Schools Illegal


Reports Suggest Anambra State Government may demolish over 1000 schools in Anambra State.

Acting On The Directive Of The State Governor, The state Ministry Of Education revealed that the schools around the state numbering over 1000 were unregistered and therefore illegal.

The government has noted that pupils and students in the affected schools will be barred from participating in any State or federal exams, including the Transition Placement Exams, First School Leaving Examination Exams, Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE), Senior School Certificate Exams (WAEC/NECO).

The list of unapproved schools in Anambra State was published by the Ministry of Education and these schools are no longer permitted to continue functioning in the state.

The state government advises the schools to come and pay government or face the wrath of the Demolision governor.

This is coming weeks days after the Anambra State government slashed the Education Budget from over 3 billion to a paltry 1.1billion.

The Education Crisis in Anambra State is a cause for concern as public schools in Anambra State lack adequate facilities and teachers.

The problem was exercabated by The Sack of over 2000 PTA teachers by Gov. Soludo who has failed to successfully recruit teachers.

Closing down and demolishing unregistered schools is the right move to sanitize the education sector but doing it now that the public schools are under staffed, under-funded and under-equipped is very wrong.

It is unknown why Gov Soludo Administration seem hell bent on collapsing Education in Anambra State by doing the right things at the wrong time.

Slashing education budget is one thing and demolishing over 1000 schools from the private sector calls for concern.

For list of affected schools, Visit:

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