Money doesn’t increase quality of life in Nigeria - Singer DJinee


Nigerian singer and media personality, Osayamwen Donald, popularly known as Djinee has said having money is not enough to increase the quality of life in Nigeria.

The singer in a series of tweets said, to enjoy a quality life, one has to travel out of Nigeria and if one still sees the mess in Nigeria as normal, then he or she is a fool.

Djinee wrote, "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. You need to legally travel out to see what it means to have a quality life for less. 

"If you’re well travelled & you still see the mess here as normal & support the administrators of this anomaly, then you are the biggest PHOOL! Our bar of success has been set so low.

"Lagos has become so capitalist that there has been no thought given to proper urban planning. Just keep selling! Fuel stations jostling for space with residential houses on tiny roads. Dangote refinery built & half the road leading to it is a mess. Agbero is normal. A mega city!

"This is no political tweet. Lagos is not working. Nigeria is not working. Ask those that have to scoop flood water from their houses, replace car engines. 

"Ask the families in Owo, Borno, Adamawa, Kaduna etc who, like their counterparts in the east, have lost thousands to terrorism.

"You have to possess a higher level of reasoning to know that money doesn’t increase your quality of life in naija."

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