UNN Lecturer Breaks Silence Over Peter Obi’s ‘Pass’ In Bachelor’s Degree

Professor Ifeoma Ezeonu of Medical Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at the University of Nsukka has responded to the rumor that Peter Obi, the Labour Party's presidential candidate, received a pass in philosophy.

When she hears people talk about Obi studying philosophy, the lecturer stated in a post on her Twitter account, she laughs and wonders what he was searching for in that field.

Ezeonu, who mentioned that she had never seen Obi in school, claimed to have heard that he had been preoccupied with business while attending UNN.

Ezeonu claimed that Obi received a pass rather than failing because he was in the incorrect department rather than because he lacked intelligence.

She further stated that the presidential candidate has earned other certificates in what he loved doing (Business and Economics).

Ezeonu in her post wrote, "As a lecturer, when I hear them talk about @PeterObi’s Pass in Philosophy, I laugh.

"From what we know of PO today, I wonder what he was even doing in a Philosophy Dept.

"Lol I didn’t meet him in UNN, but those who knew him say that even as an undergrad the guy was doing business.

"Just in case some people didn’t get my point.

"He made a Pass because he was in the wrong Dept not because he’s not intelligent.

"Since then, he has earned other certificates in what he actually loves doing – Business and Economics. That Pass is irrelevant to what he can do."


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