12-year-old Boy Accidentally Kills Nigerian Mum In US


Ayobiyi Cook, a 12-year-old boy's Nigerian mother, was unintentionally shot and murdered on Monday at their home in Forestdale, Alabama, in the United States.

The child originally told the cops a fabrication about what transpired, said CBSNews.

"The child initially made up a tale that detectives found to be untrue. The child eventually provided a true account of what transpired, according to a statement from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Alabama.

Investigators say evidence supports that the shooting was unintentional.

Cook's husband, Djuan Cook, in a Facebook post said the deceased was known as "Yo" or "YoYo."

He said that funeral arrangements would be held on August 12. "Orange was Yo's favourite colour so feel free to wear it as we celebrate her life," he wrote.

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