Court sentences wrestler in Adamawa to death by hanging for killing his estranged wife

For killing his estranged wife, a wrestler in Adamawa was sentenced to death by hanging.
Thank-You Grim, a wrestler in the Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa State, has been condemned to death by hanging for the murder of his wife, Kwalla Grim, by the state's chief judge, Justice Nathan Musa.

According to court documents, Grim, a native of the Sili Community in Guyuk LGA, was detained on March 24 for allegedly causing the death of his wife.

Using a pestle, Thank-You "wrestled his wife to the ground and smashed her face in a horrifying manner with the understanding that her death would be probable of his deed," according to court documents.

Records show that before the incident on January 10, 2018, which took Kwalla's life, the couple's marriage was wrought with difficulties. 

The victim apparently fell in love with another man after the couple's relationship ended and made the decision to be married again. It was said that she put pressure on the prisoner to get a divorce. 

The prosecution team claims that Grim, who had previously rejected her pleadings, decided to agree and lure her to his home where he begged her to resume the marriage but she refused.

Grim admitted to the court during his arraignment that he became upset when Kwala claimed to have charmed him.

When he wrestled her to the ground and attacked her with the pestle, he said he didn't know.

Grim revealed that when they heard her scream for help, several of the neighbors tried to step in, but he chased them away. He claims that on that day, he went to the police in Chikila, Guyuk LGA, and told them he had killed his estranged wife.

Justice Musa said during the delivery of his ruling:

"The prosecution was successful in demonstrating through convincing evidence that the defendant actually killed the victim. Therefore, in accordance with Section 192(b) of the Penal Code Law, the convict is sentenced to death by hanging.


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