Electricity workers begin strike, shut down transmission stations (video)

As electricity employees go on strike and close transmission facilities, there is a nationwide blackout in Nigeria.

As of today, August 17, members of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) began an ongoing industrial action, there are currently power shortages in many areas of the nation.

Electricity union members are protesting the nonpayment of outstanding arrears owed to former employees of the now-defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the suspension of worker employment terms and conditions, and the TCN board's order to conduct promotion interviews for acting principal managers who are transitioning to Assistant General Manager positions.

Data from the Independent System Operation (ISO), a division of TCN, shows that on Wednesday at 6am, there were 21 power plants contributing 4,149.40MW to the grid, but that number sharply decreased to 17 plants contributing 1,635MW.

By 12 noon, the grid had crashed to 1,246.40MW as three power plants went off, and by 1pm, the grid dropped to 762.30MW with just 13 plants active. The peak generation achieved on Tuesday was 4,829MW.

Some of the transmission companies have taken to social media to inform their customers of the power cut due to the strike.

The striking workers have vowed not to resume work until all their demands are met by the Federal Government.


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