Zambian Man collapses after discovering that his wife is his 'Landlord'

Martin Stampa, a man from Zambia, reportedly lost his composure when he realized his wife was his "landlord."

According to local news outlets, Stampa paid 3500 kwacha each month to reside there and had done so for 15 years. 

Further information revealed that his wife was the one who regularly delivered the rent to his "landlord."

However, a fight broke out after the woman known only as Lushomo learned that her husband was having an extramarital affair. 

Martin allegedly admitted to his wife that he chose a side woman because he wanted someone who could hold sophisticated talks.

This infuriated Lushomo, who ultimately spilled the beans and accused Martin of lacking intelligence because he had been paying her rent even though the place they were living in belonged to her.

Martin passed out when he saw the title documents for the home. To get him to wake up, people had to dunk him with buckets of water.


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