China's former justice minister Fu Zhenghua jailed for life for accepting bribes


A former Chinese justice minister was found guilty of accepting bribes and assisting criminals, including his brother, in concealing their unlawful activity. He was given a death sentence with a two-year reprieve.

According to China Central Television, 67-year-old Fu, who was previously one of China's most prominent police officials, admitted using his position as minister and head of police for Beijing between 2005 and 2021 to cover up crimes committed by his brother and others.

The official China Daily newspaper stated in July that Fu was given 117 million yuan ($16.5 million) in cash and assets as payment. 

There were no specifics provided in Thursday's report or earlier news reports regarding what Fu Weihua, Fu's brother, was charged with.

He received a life sentence with no chance of release, which will be converted to a suspended death sentence after two years, according to state broadcaster CCTV on Thursday, September 22.

Fu Zhenghua, who oversaw a prominent corruption investigation into Zhou Yongkang, had previously led the public security division of the Beijing Municipality.

This comes after the Wednesday corruption convictions of three former regional police chiefs who were all charged with betraying President Xi Jinping and belonging to a "political clique" headed by the late Sun Lijun.


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