Paul Pogba finally admits he hired a witch-doctor, says is to be protected against injury and to help poor kids in Africa


Paul Pogba, a midfielder for Juventus and France, has acknowledged to a witch doctor, though not, as his brother who is in detention says, to have Kylian Mbappe's fellow countryman Kylian Mbappe cursed.

Paul Pogba, the ex-Manchester United midfielder from France, is accused of trying to cast bad spells on Kylian Mbappé, 23, out of jealousy for the PSG striker, according to Mathias and other defendants charged with trying to blackmail Pogba out of more than £11 million.

Matthias is one of five suspects who are currently being held on remand and could spend up to 20 years behind bars for a variety of offenses, including "extortion in an organized gang."

They assert to have videotaped Pogba conversing with the so-called "Ibrahim the Great" witch-doc who bills up to €100 (£88) per hour for his services.

Pogba asserts that he "never intended to harm anyone" and denies any connection between Mbappé and his engagement of the witch-doctor.

Instead, Pogba informed France's Central Office for the Fight against Organised Crime OCLCO's investigators that he was looking to "be protected against injury" and "also to help impoverished kids in Africa," which he was connected to through an aid organization.

The revelations and the record of the interviews conducted last month while they worked on the explosive inquiry were confirmed by two judicial sources in Paris.

Pogba is currently in police custody and unable to play due to an injury.

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