UFC fans give loud boos when Queen Elizabeth picture was put on the main screen (video)

On Sunday morning, September 11, spectators at UFC 279 in Las Vegas loudly booed a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II that was shown on a large screen. 

After the monarch passed away on Thursday, September 9, the United Kingdom and a large portion of the world have been in mourning, but in Vegas, where the sight of her face instantly elicited irate boos, there was little love shown to her. Instead, people there were amused by the jeers and laughed out loud.

An image of the Queen was projected on the arena's main screen before to the main event of UFC 279, along with her birth and death dates, and her name was announced to the audience in attendance.

When Queen Elizabeth's image appeared on the main screen, UFC fans booed loudly, prompting a tribute to be quickly removed (video)

However, it was swiftly removed after receiving loud boos.

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96. Her son, King Charles III, is now in her place.

See video below,,,

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