JUST IN: WAEC Introduces Digital Certificates

In Lagos, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) on Thursday unveiled its platform for digital certificates.

In his welcome remarks at the platform's unveiling, Mr. Patrick Areghan, Head of the National Office (HNO), stated that the development was made to keep up with the constant demands of a changing world.

He asserts that with the development of technology, it is necessary to include technology into students' daily lives.

The council reportedly worked with one of the top security technology companies in the world to build its new digital platform.

He explained that it was put into place to make the issue and verification of certifications from all around the world more efficient.

According to Areghan, the platform included web-based and mobile applications created especially for candidates, people, and organizations.

He claims that it has strong capabilities that let users access, distribute, ask for, and verify certificates.

He said that it might also be used to find missing or forgotten exam numbers for candidates.

"The development of the new digital certificate platform is in line with WAEC’s continuous record of meeting global needs, by using cutting-edge technology to improve candidates’ experiences as they seek to continue their education.

"We are evolving to meet the demands of a changing world. We have migrated from physical registration of candidates to online registration; online verification of results and online result printouts and more.

"Their mobility is of utmost importance to the West African Examinations Council. Today, we live in a digital world, where instant satisfaction and accessibility are the ultimate. 

"The process of receiving, retrieving, sharing, verifying or confirming academic certificates is rather cumbersome and moribund.

"The whole process is costly and could be frustrating, and the only answer can be found in Digital Certificates. Today, we are here to witness a revolution in the assessment and certification industry," he said.



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