'We suspect they took a blood covenant' - Late Bimbo brother recounts family’s efforts to make her leave IVD


The late Bimbo Ogbonna's brother, Oyindamola Martins, has described the measures taken by the family to get her to divorce her husband, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna.

Martins provided the narrative in response to a question on Instagram about why they didn't force her out of the abusive marriage and instead let her pass away.

Bimbo dropped out of school at the age of 18 and donated her education money to IVD, according to Oyindamola. He remembered how their family had promised to pay IVD off so that they wouldn't see their daughter, but it hadn't been successful.

He claims that although Bimbo was placed in treatment facilities, those didn't either.

He continued by saying that he believes they entered into a blood covenant because she continued to turn to him in spite of numerous violent episodes.

"We did everything this matter didn’t start from now it started from when she was 18years dropping out of school and giving him all her school fees was just a kid then she’s older than me with 10years we locked him up offered to pay him to stay away from her he did not agree till he got her pregnant we took her to another state he sent her a message that he was going to die if she didn’t come back she ran from abj to Lagos we still took her to rehab.

"The truth is she been in this since she was 18years we are suspecting they took a blood convent cause she kept running back to him. Ivd is known for busting different herbalist I have proof too.

"I have explained countless on this comment section how do you think an entire family would just watch one of us suffer, we took her to rehab took her to another state we locked him up, she stole from us to feed him when he had no money she was 18 when she ran out of the house with him.

"Funny how we did this lol Abimbola how were you this stupidly in love?she dropped out of school and gave this fool all her school fees."

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