C Ronaldo's sister slams Coach Fernando's decision to bench her brother


The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo has criticized Fernando Santos' decision to sit her brother during Portugal's 6-1 victory over Switzerland on December 6 on social media.

Elma Aveiro alleges that the Portuguese manager made fun of her brother and adds that she is baffled as to why Santos left the 37-year-old out of his starting lineup.

Aveiro vented on Instagram about the exclusion of her brother, who began from the bench in a knockout game in a significant international competition for the first time since Euro 2008, on the platform.

"Today we are all together, if you think it has to be like this I am here to see it,' she began, posting an image of the Portugal team prior to kick-off.

"Yes Ronaldo is not eternal, yes Ronaldo won’t play forever, unfortunately he doesn’t score goals now, he’s old, Portugal doesn’t need Ronaldo," she continued.

"We talked about what we heard, all that he did isn’t important, all that he did was forgotten. Now they ask for forgiveness and they don’t need him. I will register that and later we’ll talk.

"Rui Santos, what will he apologise for? Now we we can f*** who we want. It is a shame to humiliate a man who has given so much, but later I will see a lot more."

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