Calling me Jubril from Sudan wasn’t a funny joke, says President Buhari
According to President Buhari, the assertion that he "died" and was replaced by Jibril from Sudan was an offensive joke.

The President made this correction in a documentary that was screened at a dinner for him on December 23 at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, which was hosted by his family and very close friends to commemorate his 80th birthday and was dubbed "Celebrating A Patriot, a Leader, an Elder Statesman."

He claimed that certain Nigerians have a talent for inventing humor to enjoy things they do not comprehend and claimed that the development was the product of some troublemakers to show off their cheek.

When the journalist questioned him about the strange allegation that he wasn't Buhari, he responded,

"Yes! People said I am somebody from Sudan. I didn’t bother with the name. Nigerians have mischievous ways of explaining themselves.

"Is not funny because those who made those statement, they just want to be cheeky. They want to distract attention from the main issues.''


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