BREAKING: Juventus have been deducted 15 points in Serie A following a financial investigation


Juventus have been deducted 15 points in Serie A following an investigation into the club's transfer dealings and the alleged use of falsified capital gains.

Serie_A’s FIGC Prosecutor has ruled that Juventus will be given a -15 point deduction as result of the “Plusvalenza Case”, club’s capital gain violations

Earlier in the season, the club's entire board, including Pavel Nedved, quit after the investigations into the club's finances begun.

The investigation related to payments made to players during 2020 and 2021, when they agreed to take a pay cut during the Covid effected seasons.

It was claimed that the investigation was the 'heaviest' in the club's history, even taking into account the Calciopoli scandal that saw them relegated.

FIGC Prosecutor’s request to reopen the sporting investigation into the club was accepted by the country's Federal Court of Appeals.

Prosecutors had asked for a nine point deduction for the team initially but have been handed 15 points instead, although they can still appeal it.

Deduction of 15 points for Juventus, club can still appeal to CONI Guarantee College.

▫️ 2.5 years inhibition for Fabio Paratici, 2 years for Agnelli and Arrivabene, 8 months for Nedved, 1.4 years for Cherubini.

Italian Serie A Table as is stands now

1) Napoli 47

2) Milan 38

3) Inter 37

4) Lazio 34

5) Atalanta 34

6) Roma 34

7) Udinese 25

8) Torino 23

9) Fiorentina 23

10) Juventus (-15) 22

11) Bologna 22

12) Empoli 22

13) Monza 21

14) Lecce 20

15) Spezia 18

16) Salernitana 18

17) Sassuolo 16

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