Anambra Attack: What America don't want the world to know - IPOB


US consulate in Nigeria should tell the world the truth why and what your diplomats are doing in Ogbaru Anambra State.

US government should come out clean & tell the world what #USA consulate diplomats were doing in Ogbaru Anambra when they were attacked and suddenly they are accusing IPOB/ESN for the attack that led to the death of 5 of their local staff(s) in Nigeria.

With the intelligence report in our disposal, these US diplomats went to verify and supervise an illegal crude oil allocation given to them which the pipeline were laid in Ogbaru Anambra, they went for an illegal oil bunkering business unfortunately when they were attacked they quickly turn around to tarnish the name of IPOB/ESN.

Every reasonable person should ask the Nigeria police, the Anambra Governor @CCSoludo and the USA diplomats what these diplomats doing in Ogbaru Anambra a volatile vicinity where oil bunkers have armed men to protect their illegal businesses. 

Diplomatically, the US consulate has only authorized three places to visit when it comes to state visit in Nigeria , first is the government house , the state police command and the traditional palace of Anambra, the Obi of Onitsha.

US consulate telling the world that they went to Ogbaru with UNICEF for a humanitarian service is fat lie and the general public should not buy such lies.

Accusing IPOB/ESN in this matter that has gain international attention is something the IPOB leadership will never allow to be used to tarnish the good image IPOB/ESN.

Source: Aba Times News

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