Cash app founder had affair with married sister of his alleged killer - Friend says


According to a new Wall Street Journal report, Cash App founder Bob Lee, who was stabbed to death last month, was having an affair with the sister of his alleged attacker, Nima Momeni.

According to Lee's friends, Lee and Khazar Momeni, the wife of a well-known San Francisco plastic surgeon, were members of the same underground party circuit known as "The Lifestyle" and were casually sleeping together.

The extent of Lee and Khazar Momeni's connection was unknown before the stabbing, but court documents reveal that Nima, a 38-year-old software consultant who had known Lee for a decade, confronted Lee about his sister before to the stabbing.

Lee and Khazar were apparently drinking with a group of friends at a home party in San Francisco before the confrontation, which occurred when Nima arrived to pick up Khazar. 

According to prosecution documents, Nima questioned Lee if Khazar "was doing drugs [or] anything inappropriate" before arguing with the Cash App creator.
Lee and Khazar were part of "The Lifestyle," a scene within the San Francisco tech community that involves recreational drug use and casual sex. 

According to court documents, Lee had several girlfriends during this period, but was respectful of them. Prosecutors said Nima then drove Lee to a "dark and secluded" San Francisco street corner and stabbed him in a "planned and deliberate attack." Lee's wife Krista told the Journal that he was not a "party boy" and had never heard the term "The Lifestyle." 

Police arrested Nima on April 13 on murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Lee and is being held without bail until his arraignment. He plans to plead not guilty.


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