Controversial Observations And Thoughts: Just A Little Bit Of Thinking Different


The two most powerful royal families of the world are built and protected by Religion and are also custodians of the world's 2 most powerful religions.

Religion is the biggest protection and validation for ancient royal families - what their guns, bombs and bullets can not achieve, their religion will achieve.

While Charles was still Prince Charles, he spoke up against religion and that almost cost him the throne. See the last screenshot attached here. In fact, in some quarters, it is rumoured that King Charles could be a secret atheist but defender of the faith in public.

I observed that the Prime Minister of UK, Rishi Sunak took a Bible reading - a book he doesn't believe himself. Rishi practices Hinduism - a religion that worships Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna, Sarasvati, Durga, and Kali. I felt they should have saved Prime Minister Rishi the discomfort of reading a book he doesn't believe in but on a second thought, majority of the people in that hall do not believe in any religion but simply uses religion as a tool to control their subjects.

Remember, these observations are not about the 'God' of any religion but about the religion of the Royals.

I have come to a Controversial conclusion that the royals benefit the most from religion than the common followers of the religion. This is why I consume Religion Carefully lest I become less of who I was born to be.

~~ Charles Awuzie 

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