Ekpa Visits President of Finland, Submits 200 Documents


Simon Ekpa, a Nigerian-Finnish lawyer and political activist involved in the movement and libration of Biafra, has visited President Sali Niisisto of Nigeria and delivered over 200 documents.

Ekpa made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday. Where he indicated that the paperwork were turned in on May 10, 2023.

He also stated that BRGIE sent another 200-page document to Tarja Halonen, Finland's previous president.

He said, "Today (Wednesday), we visited the office of the President of Finland and submitted over 200 documents to the President of Finland on the need not to ignore the development in Nigeria and the issue of Biafra’s exit for lasting peace. We also submitted another 200-plus pages to the former President of Finland", he wrote.

Ekpa had maintained his desire for a Biafra referendum despite the Southeast area of Nigeria's economic neglect and political issues.

On the expiration of Nigeria's amalgamation in 1914, he petitioned the United Nations, the United States of America, the European Union, and the International Criminal Court.

In another event, the BRGIE notified the ECOWAS Court in Abuja of a case filed by the Coalition of Northern communities, CNG, and other ethnic nationalities requesting a referendum to allow Biafra and other indigenous communities to leave Nigeria peacefully.

"We write to remind you of the lawsuit at the ECOWAS Court sitting in Abuja, by the Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG, and other ethnic nationalities seeking a referendum towards a peaceful exit of Biafra and other indigenous groups from Nigeria. The lawsuit was adjourned to 20th October, 2022 by Justice Inyang Ekwo", the letter partly reads.

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