Guinness World Records Hails Chef Hilda Baci On Record-breaking Attempt


The Guinness World Records has hailed chef Hilda Baci on her attempt to break record for the longest cooking time.

During her live session on Instagram on Sunday, the Guinness World Record dropped a comment to wish her goodluck.

"Goodluck Hilda 🙌🏽," the comment read.

Baci is on a mission to cook multiple dishes for an expected time to get recognition from the Guinness World Records.

The current record for the world's longest cooking marathon is held by Lata Tondon, who completed the task in 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 secs in Rewa, India, in 2019.

At the time of this report, Baci has exceeded 73 hours in her attempt.

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