Moment Trump lashes out at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during feisty town hall meeting, ‘You’re a nasty person’, he said (video)


Trump insulted CNN presenter Kaitlan Collins as a "nasty person" during a tense town hall meeting where she questioned his declassification of classified documents. 

Trump got defensive when Collins questioned him about holding onto the documents despite a subpoena and National Archives requests.

"Are you ready? Can I talk?” Trump asked.

"What’s the answer?" Collins shot back. "I would like you to answer the question."

"It’s very simple to answer," Trump responded.

"That’s why I asked it," Collins told him.

"It’s very simple - you’re a nasty person, I’ll tell ya," Trump shot back, which sparked cheers from his supporters in the audience.

"It’s very simple. I was negotiating and we were talking to NARA - that’s Washington, to bring whatever they want. They can have whatever they want. When we left Washington, we had the boxes lined up on the sidewalk outside for everybody. People were taking pictures, everybody knew we were taking those boxes and the GSA - government service, the GSA was the one taking them. They brought them down to Mar-a-Lago. We were negotiating with NARA. All of a sudden, they raid our house," Trump continue.

Was video below

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