Mother Hires Assassin To Kill Her Children Over Inheritance


A 67-year-old Russian woman was arrested by authorities in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia's second largest city, for hiring an assassin to murder her children over an inheritance dispute.

According to Metro UK, she directed the murder of her son and two daughters in order to gain sole ownership of a family property.

She conspired with a buddy, who helped her recruit an assassin, who was eventually paid to complete the deed.

Her alleged lie was exposed on the day the hired murderer intended to murder one of her daughters.

Police photos show a pile of cash that she allegedly took out to make the payment.

A ministry statement said, "Employees of the criminal investigation department of the Krasnoyarskoye Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia detained a suspect in organising the murder of her children.

"Operatives received information that a resident of the regional center, born in 1956, wishing to remain the sole owner of real estate, ordered the murder of her son, born in 1978, and daughters born in 1974."


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