New Cooking Record: I'm Awaiting Guinness Official Confirmation, Says Lata Tandon

The Guinness World Record holder for the longest marathon cooking by an individual, Lata Tondon, has asked critics to wait for Guinness to announce if Nigerian chef Hilda Baci broke her current record.

Critics had slammed Tandon and the Guinness World Records after the GWR said it was reviewing Baci’s success before making her the record holder.

Calling for peace, the Indian chef wrote on her Instagram story on Tuesday, “A Humble Request to all my Sisters and Brothers in Nigeria & India - to maintain peace and wait for Guinness to officially announce if the Current Record is broken or not.

"Please don't make it a Competition. It's just a record, my friends. I am a peace-loving person and wish the same for you."

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Baci surpassed Tondon’s record after cooking for 100 hours from Thursday to Monday.

If certified after the 100th hour, she will be displacing Tondon, who achieved the feat in 2019 with 87 hours 45 minutes record uninterrupted cooking.

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