I Aborted Pregnancy For Rapper Sarkodie, says Yvonne Nelson


Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, who has received numerous accolades, has openly discussed her decision to terminate a pregnancy in 2010, which resulted from a brief relationship with rapper Sarkodie.

This revelation was unveiled in her recently launched book titled "I am not Yvonne Nelson," held at Peduase Lodge in Ghana on Sunday.

Within the pages of chapter eight, spanning from page 88 to 95, Yvonne recounts the incident. 

She shares, "I underwent a pregnancy test to confirm the obvious outcome for a sexually active young woman who misses her menstrual cycle. Karen accompanied me during this time. Overwhelmed with emotions, I lacked the strength to open the test result. Karen, however, took charge and revealed the verdict, exclaiming, 'Charlie, it's positive!'"

Under normal circumstances, Yvonne would have found humor in such a situation, sparking lighthearted conversations and jokes. However, the gravity of the news weighed heavily on her, as it had the potential to disrupt her world.

Recognizing her shared responsibility in this situation, she contacted the man whose genetic contribution had led to the pregnancy. 

The individual in question is Michael Owusu Addo, widely known as Sarkodie, a prominent Ghanaian musician. Reflecting on their relationship, Yvonne clarifies, "I wouldn't classify what had transpired between us as a serious relationship. My affinity leaned towards individuals in the music industry."

Yvonne goes on to detail her attempts at terminating the pregnancy by consuming concoctions recommended by an acquaintance. 

However, despite her efforts, a subsequent test confirmed her ongoing pregnancy. Eventually, she succeeded in terminating the pregnancy, but she regards it as one of the most regrettable mistakes of her life. She expresses remorse, stating that if she could turn back the hands of time, she would have chosen differently.

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