'It Would Have Been Me': Billionaire Reveals He Turned Down Seats On Titan Voyage

A billionaire investor recently declined a discounted offer to join Titan's deep-sea expedition to explore the Titanic due to scheduling conflicts. 

Jay Bloom, the tycoon, shared his correspondence with OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush on Facebook. Rush assured him that the voyage would be safer than scuba diving. 

However, Bloom turned down the tickets, priced at $150,000 per person, citing scheduling conflicts and his son's concerns about safety.

In one of the text messages, Rush, who tragically died when Titan imploded during its journey to the shipwreck, stated that the risks involved were lower than those associated with helicopter flights or recreational scuba diving. He emphasized that non-military submersibles hadn't encountered any injuries in the past 35 years.

Bloom acknowledged that Rush genuinely believed in the safety of the expedition but insisted that he was mistaken. The last time they met, in March, Rush was unwavering in his conviction that the dive would be safer than crossing the street. However, Bloom's decision was based on the uncertainty of future opportunities and a desire to make the most of each day.

In a previous social media post, before the wreckage was discovered, Bloom expressed his surprise at being invited to join the dive, realizing that if he had accepted, he would have been one of the five individuals currently onboard Titan.


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