The many sins of Godwin Emefiele ex CBN Gov - Charles Awuzie


1. Ban on Crypto:

In February 2021, Emefiele banned Fiat-crypto transactions in Nigeria. Before this ban, Nigeria was the world's Cryptocurrency Biggest Trader - creating a parallel economy which created legitimate wealth for young people.

Emefiele had the power and did whatever he wanted to under a Weak and absent president.

I hope President Tinubu revisits Crypto ban in Nigeria. The young population will applaud this.

2. Emefiele Destroyed our GDP...

In 2014 when Emefiele took office, our GDP was $546.68bn. In 2013, it was $508.69bn.

One year after Emefiele took office, the GDP started spiralling downwards. In 2015, our GDP fell to $486.80bn with a massive lost of $59.88bn representing 10.95 per cent loss. Life became more difficult for Nigerians since 2015.

3. Emefiele's Alleged Links To Terrorism.

The DSS, Nigeria's secret police, alleged that Emefiele is a funder of Unknown Gun men.

Emefiele used his powers and connections to evade arrest but the current president has personal scores to settle with Emefiele and may expose deeper truths about Emefiele which may shock the world.

4. Presidential Ambition....

While occupying a sensitive position as Governor of Nigeria's Reserve Bank, Emefiele declared his ambition to run for the nation's presidency. 

He didn't stop there, he branded multiple vehicles costing millions in Naira. This was quite daring and a demonstration of Emefiele's lust for power and desperation to cover up his many sins.

5. The New Naira Scam....

Was Emefiele an internal enemy of Nigeria? Did Emefiele fund terrorism for his political ambitions?

Who truly is Emefiele?

Why did he ban Crypto just to launch a shady national digital currency?

Good bye to Emefiele - truly, yours is the end of an error.

And for his replacement, I don't care whether he is Yoruba , Hausa or Efik, I just want to see Nigeria work.


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