Why Persia Was Renamed Iran: A History of the Name
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The name "Persia" has been used for centuries to refer to the country that is now known as Iran. 

However, in 1935, the Iranian government officially asked foreign delegates to use the Persian term "Iran" in formal correspondence. 

This change in name was not without controversy, and there are still many people who refer to the country as Persia.

Why was Persia renamed Iran?

There are a few reasons why the Iranian government decided to rename the country. First, the name "Persia" was often associated with the Western world's colonial past. The term was first used by the Greeks to refer to a region in southwestern Iran, and it was later adopted by the Romans and other European powers. 

As a result, the name "Persia" came to be seen as a symbol of foreign domination.

Second, the name "Iran" is more reflective of the country's ancient history and culture. The word "Iran" comes from the Old Persian word "Aryan," which means "noble" or "free." This name has been used by the Iranian people for centuries, and it is a more accurate reflection of their identity.

The controversy over the name change

The decision to rename Persia to Iran was not without controversy. Some people felt that the change was unnecessary and that it would only serve to confuse people. Others argued that the name "Persia" was a part of the country's history and that it should not be changed.

The controversy over the name change continues to this day. Some people still refer to the country as Persia, while others use the name Iran. Ultimately, the decision of which name to use is a personal one.

In conclusion, the name change from Persia to Iran was a significant event in the country's history. The change was motivated by a desire to break away from the country's colonial past and to embrace its ancient heritage. 

The controversy over the name change continues to this day, but the name Iran is now the more commonly used name for the country.

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