I would have escaped if I wanted to – kidnapped Anambra native doctor
Famous Anambra native doctor, Chidozie Nwangwu, known as "Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki," recently experienced a harrowing abduction but chose not to resist. 

Despite having the means to prevent it, he willingly surrendered to his captors after two of his bodyguards were killed during the incident.

Nwangwu recounted the events, explaining that he received a call from someone claiming to be at his hotel, spending a significant amount of money and wanting his presence there. 

Without any companions, he drove to the hotel. Shortly after his arrival, gunshots erupted, causing panic among people present. Nwangwu's security men lost their lives in the attack.

While he had the option to flee, Nwangwu decided to stay, fearing more casualties if he left. He believed that if his charms couldn't protect him, his wealth might. 

The kidnappers took him, and during the ordeal, he witnessed the deaths of around 20 people before him.

Nwangwu believes that the kidnapping was connected to the sit-at-home exercise in the South-East region. 

He stated that the kidnappers targeted individuals with money, intending to kidnap up to 50 people from his hotel that day. Despite the danger, Nwangwu chose to accompany his captors to prove his innocence and prevent further harm to others.

The witch doctor insists that he is not involved in any fraudulent activities and has neither stolen nor misused anyone's money. He asserts that his actions were driven by a desire to save lives and protect the innocent.

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