Building Collapse: Wike Orders identification and Arrest Of Property Owner


A two-storey building's collapse on the bustling Lagos Street in Abuja's Garki II district sent shockwaves through the community. FCT Minister Nyesom Wike swiftly responded by ordering the immediate arrest of the building's owner. 

While acknowledging the ongoing rescue efforts, Wike expressed disappointment over the tragic incident and emphasized the need for compliance with building codes and regulations.

During his visit to the scene of the disaster, Minister Nyesom Wike extended his gratitude to emergency agencies like NEMA and FEMA for their swift rescue operations. He noted the rescue of 32 lives but lamented the loss of two. Urgently addressing the victims' hospital bills, Wike called for immediate funds to ensure proper medical care for the survivors.

Minister Wike underscored the government's commitment to enforcing building regulations and standards to prevent future tragedies. He urged individuals and stakeholders to cooperate with authorities in adhering to the rules. Wike stressed that compliance was essential to safeguard citizens' lives and prevent such incidents.
The FCT minister expressed his disappointment over the prolonged resettlement of Garki village natives. He promised to expedite the process, prioritizing the indigenes' welfare. 

He vowed to take over the area and prevent any further development. Emphasizing the importance of urban planning, Wike outlined the need to prevent unapproved constructions and to ensure the safety of city residents.

Muktar Galadima, the director of FCTA Development Control, revealed that the collapsed building lacked planning approval and was situated in an unplanned area meant for resettlement. 

He highlighted that the building consisted of both commercial and residential floors. Residents had reportedly voiced concerns about the building's dilapidated state to the landlord and lawyer, to no avail. The absence of integrity tests or inspections further compounded the issue.


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