KC Limpopo Addresses Allegations of Abandoning Collaborator Ojazi Igbo
Otiegwu Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, popularly known as KC Limpopo, has responded to claims that he abandoned Ojazi Igbo, a boy who played a role in producing his hit track "Ojapiano." Addressing the allegations, KC Limpopo clarified his stance in an interview with BBC Igbo, stating that the rumors circulating on social media are far from the truth.

Clearing Up Misconceptions: 

KC Limpopo emphatically stated that the accusations of abandoning Ojazi Igbo are false. He expressed his disappointment with the spread of inaccurate news within the Igbo community and emphasized that he did not neglect or overlook Ojazi Igbo's contributions.

Supportive Efforts

In the interview, KC Limpopo shared the steps he took to support Ojazi Igbo. He revealed that he noticed the young man selling goods, reached out to him, and flew him from the east to Lagos. He provided him with the opportunity to enter the studio, paid him more than initially agreed, assisted him with attire, and even facilitated his exploration of various places in Lagos.

Collaborative Creativity: 

KC Limpopo disclosed the collaborative process that led to the creation of their unique musical sound. When Ojazi Igbo blew into a musical instrument, it produced a distinct sound that immediately resonated with both KC Limpopo and the world at large. This collaboration successfully merged traditional Igbo music elements with hip-hop, showcasing the richness of African musical culture.

A Global Impact: 

KC Limpopo expressed pride in the fact that the musical innovation they created has garnered global recognition. He highlighted the fact that their fusion of Igbo musical instruments and hip-hop beats has been embraced by people of various backgrounds worldwide.

Future Musical Endeavors: 

KC Limpopo shared his aspirations of incorporating more Igbo musical instruments into hip-hop music. He aims to showcase to the world the depth and beauty of African musical heritage through his artistry.


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