Nigerian senators Reject Military Deployment to Niger Republic, Urge Diplomatic Approach for Crisis Resolution

Senators have rejected President Bola Tinubu's request to deploy Nigerian troops to Niger Republic for ECOWAS military action to restore the democratically elected president. 

The coup in Niger occurred on July 26, prompting ECOWAS leaders to give a seven-day ultimatum for the restoration of constitutional order, which was not heeded. 

The West African defence chiefs devised a military action plan, but senators ruled out military options due to various factors, including the strong relationship between Nigeria and Niger. 

They suggested intensifying negotiations with the coup leaders and sending elder statesmen as special envoys for diplomatic dialogue. 

Over 90% of senators vehemently opposed military action, citing Nigeria's ill-equipped military and the need to address internal security challenges like Boko Haram, banditry, and ESN/IPOB before considering foreign intervention. 

The Senate is set to pass a resolution condemning the coup while rejecting military engagement.


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