Do Not Marry Anyone Who Refuses To Invest In Your Growth Especially When They Can - Charles Awuzie

A Nigerian cyber security expert based in South Africa, Charles Awuzie, dishes out some red-flag relationship and marriage advice to single people.

According to him, "do not marry anyone who refuses to invest in your growth especially when they can."

"Whether you are a single man or single woman, if you desire Growth, Marry someone who INVESTS in your growth.

"If they don't have money to invest, watch how they invest their skills and time in helping you grow.

"I don't care how much you love someone, if they can't invest in your growth, please don't marry them.

"As a mentor, I teach my mentees to marry the person who can HELP THEM ... another word for a spouse is HELP-MEET (old English for HELP-MATE).

"According to Oxford dictionary, a Help Mate is a helpful companion or partner, especially one's husband or wife.

"In Hebrew, Help meet means EZER, that's the root word for EbenEZER....

"So when you marry your help-meet (your Ezer) you will look back and scream EbenEZER.

"But if you go and marry feelings and big Nyash or six pack, you will look back and cry in regrets.

"Marry someone who can help you - and also be willing to Help that person you marry. Contribute to their lives as they contribute to yours. That's the secret of growth in marriage."


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