Ignore the autopsy, Mohbad was into cultism and drugs" - Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has made claims regarding the cause of Mohbad's death. While many have called for an autopsy, Olunloyo believes that the young artist died due to his involvement in a cult and drug abuse.

Olunloyo asserts that she spoke with a close relative of Mohbad, who confirmed his cult involvement and revealed that he was buried quickly to prevent an autopsy. She also mentioned the dangers of dissecting his body, suggesting a spiritual presence.

According to her account, Mohbad was engaged in a battle with cultists, and despite his struggles, he received no assistance from fans, the police, or former Malian music fans. Drug abuse became his way of coping, and his hypertension worsened.

The situation became so severe that something within his body was causing physical distress. Mohbad's death was not months ago, as some have suggested; he even performed last weekend before his untimely passing.

"Mohbad like every other artist in the Nigerian music industry was heavily into CULTISM and Drug abuse. Let the journalists who know the truth tell you and stop chasing clout and follow. This is the reason his family will never exhume his body and it's buried under heavy concrete outside a cemetery in a backyard. I just had a phone meeting with one of his relatives a cousin who did not want to be identified.

"There should be no autopsy he said. I feel sorry for any pathologist who attempts to touch and dissect his body. It's like a huge spiritual python 🐍 sitting inside his body. He was fighting cultists and they fought him back. Nobody helped him, not his fake fans, police, or former Malian music fans. Now they are bringing out videos and documents after he died.

Drugs were his only way to cope. His hypertension became unbearable. Something in his dead body is growing twisting his neck and it could kill the whole family. We had to remove him from this earthly midst and bury him quickly. He did not die months ago. He still performed last weekend."

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