Nigeria's Presidential Election Tribunal Upholds Bola Tinubu's Victory


Nigeria's presidential election tribunal has dismissed the challenges posed by opposition candidates Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi against Bola Tinubu's victory in the February presidential election. 

The tribunal's decision followed a pattern seen in previous Nigerian elections, where no legal challenge to the outcome of a presidential election has succeeded.

Both Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party and Peter Obi of the Labour Party had alleged irregularities and called for the election to be canceled. However, the tribunal, comprised of five justices, rejected their petitions point-by-point during an 11-hour-long session.

Justice Haruna Tsammani, who presided over the tribunal, described Obi's petition as "unmeritorious" and lacking credible evidence to support claims of irregularities. Similarly, Tsammani deemed Atiku's allegations of vote fraud as "lame" and dismissed his argument that Tinubu was ineligible to run for president.

While the candidates can appeal to the country's Supreme Court, the tribunal's ruling is unlikely to generate significant momentum or euphoria for Tinubu, who faced a record-low turnout in the election.

The decision upholds Tinubu's presidency in Africa's most populous nation, despite concerns raised by European Union observers about operational failures and a lack of transparency during the election.

Tinubu, who welcomed the tribunal's ruling, urged his rivals and their supporters to support his government.

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