North Korea Launches Submarine Capable of Nuclear Attack


North Korea has announced the successful launch of its new submarine, capable of carrying out nuclear attacks. The vessel, named "Hero Kim Kun Ok," is designed for launching tactical nuclear weapons from underwater, although the specific number of missiles it can carry and fire has not been disclosed.

This development is a significant milestone for North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, who aims to bolster the country's naval capabilities to counter the United States and its Asian allies. The submarine in question was likely the same one Kim inspected in 2019 during its construction. Experts initially assessed it as an effort to convert an existing Romeo-class submarine.

The submarine appears to be equipped with at least 10 launch tubes, with four of them being larger, possibly designed for missiles. However, the South Korean military has expressed skepticism, suggesting that North Korea may be exaggerating the submarine's capabilities.
They noted that the vessel's size would need to be increased to accommodate missile launch systems, and the appearance of the new submarine suggested that it might not be fully operational.

Satellite photos taken before the launch showed the submarine docked alongside a facility, matching the details released by North Korean state media.

While North Korea has conducted various missile tests for underwater launches in recent years, this submarine represents a significant advancement in its naval capabilities.


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