BBC Finds No Proof of Academic Forgery by President Tinubu

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reported that there's no evidence to suggest that President Bola Tinubu forged his academic record at the Chicago State University (CSU).

This comes after CSU released certificates to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, sparking doubts about the authenticity of Tinubu's qualifications. However, BBC's Global Disinformation Team has not found any proof of forgery.

The report explains that there are three different CSU certificates for Tinubu, one from 1979, another submitted to INEC (similar to diplomas from the 1990s), and a third from the early 2000s. The document submitted to INEC matches the 1979 diplomas. The CSU registrar stated that the template for CSU diplomas changed over the years.

Furthermore, Mr. Westberg, CSU's registrar, attested that the diploma submitted by President Tinubu was authentic, and it was never picked up as it was still in their possession. It also explained the "with honors" phrase present in President Tinubu's diploma was legitimate as it matched the early 2000s diploma.

This information suggests that there's no clear evidence of forgery regarding Tinubu's academic record, and CSU is confident in the veracity of its records regarding his attendance.


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