Newcastle's Sandro Tonali Faces 10-Month Football Ban and Rehabilitation

Newcastle's Sandro Tonali set for 10-month ban

Newcastle's midfielder, Sandro Tonali, is set to serve a ten-month ban from football due to his involvement in a betting scandal, which violated both club and game rules. 

The Italian Football Federation (FiGC) President, Gabriele Gravina, confirmed the ban, along with an additional eight-month rehabilitation program that Tonali must complete.

The scandal arose when Tonali admitted to not only participating in betting but also placing bets on his former team, AC Milan. 

While the regulations provide for longer bans, an agreement was reached between the FiGC Prosecutor and Tonali, which included a reduced 10-month suspension, followed by the rehabilitation program and at least 16 public appearances.

The case bears similarities to that of Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli, who also faced a suspension for his involvement in the same scandal. 

However, Fagioli's ban was reduced to seven months due to his proactive steps in seeking help for gambling addiction, committing to treatment, and raising awareness by making public appearances. 

Fagioli had voluntarily reported his situation to authorities and did not place bets on his team, factors contributing to the reduction in his ban.

In summary, Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Fagioli both faced bans related to the betting scandal, with Fagioli's reduced suspension reflecting his efforts to address the issue proactively.

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