Instagram Deactivates Tunde Ednut's Account - The Impact of Consistent Blogging says Verydarkman
Popular blogger Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, known as Tunde Ednut, has faced the deactivation of his Instagram account for the fourth time in three years. 

According to TikTok sensation and activist Martins Vincent Otse, who goes by Verydarkman, Tunde Ednut's relentless blogging about Otse, calling out various brands and celebrities, eventually led to users reporting his account, resulting in its ban.

Otse candidly revealed the situation on his Instagram page, stating that Tunde Ednut's continuous posts about him prompted his followers to report the account. 

He added, "The truth is Tunde Ednut lost his account because he didn't stop posting me." Otse's disclosure sheds light on the challenges faced when confronting injustices, and how it can lead to backlash on social media platforms.

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