Abia State Government's Response to the Ogbor Hill Bridge Accident: Enhancing Road Safety Measures for Public Welfare
The Abia State Government expressed deep regret over the tragic accident at the Waterside Bridge in Ogbor Hill, Aba. The incident involving a heavy-duty truck and several vehicles prompted immediate action and heartfelt condolences to the victims' families, see the incident here

Under the leadership of Dr. Alex C. Otti, OFR, the government has initiated measures to support affected families. This includes comprehensive investigations into the accident's causes and involving stakeholders to improve road safety, not only at the accident site but across the state.

To enhance public safety, the government has introduced immediate initiatives. A 24-hour task force will swiftly remove damaged vehicles from roads. Moreover, stringent checks on container-laden trucks and reinstatement of restrictions on heavy-duty vehicles within city limits from 7 am to 8 pm aim to prevent accidents.

Furthermore, the government has directed transport unions to conduct safety training for members while activating roadworthiness policies for vehicles. Additionally, ongoing road rehabilitation efforts showcase the government's commitment to ensuring safe roads, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Mr. Dodoh Okafor, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Communication, reiterated the government's commitment to enhancing road safety. Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, aims to achieve a "zero-potholes" policy, focusing on major roads and high-traffic zones.

The Abia State Government remains dedicated to public safety, emphasizing its continuous efforts to improve road infrastructure and implement stringent measures for the well-being of citizens and commuters.

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