Actress Ekene Umenwa Responds to Controversial Wedding Video with Moses Bliss
Actress Ekene Umenwa received praise amid controversy surrounding her wedding video. The video showed her kneeling before gospel singer Moses Bliss, which sparked criticism. 

In response to the speculations, Ekene expressed gratitude to her friend for introducing her to Moses Bliss. She thanked the gospel singer for attending her wedding, making it more colorful and memorable. 

"My king wy the crown over my head God is involved may only the name of Jesus be praised amen thank you my bestie @deacon _famous thank you my bro @mosesbliss I will forever be grateful you made my wedding more colorful"

Her husband defended her actions, urging people to mind their own business. Ekene's friend clarified that her kneeling was a spiritual response to the anointing present, as Moses Bliss had sung a spiritual song, and her excitement was due to his unexpected attendance.

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