George Weah Concedes Defeat in Liberia's Presidential Run-Off to Joseph Boakai

Liberia's President George Weah gracefully accepted defeat in the tight presidential run-off against Joseph Boakai, emphasizing the prioritization of national interests over personal ones. Boakai led with nearly 51 percent of the votes in the second-round election, securing a lead that Weah acknowledged as insurmountable.

Boakai's lead of 28,000 votes in the latest count saw Weah recognizing the inevitability of his defeat, stating that although his CDC party lost, Liberia emerged victorious. He called for unity, acknowledging the need to heal divisions sparked during the campaign.

Weah's concession marks a significant moment in Liberia's history, ensuring a peaceful transition of power from one democratically-elected government to another, a rare occurrence in the nation's recent past marred by civil wars and the Ebola epidemic.

International observers praised the election's peaceful conduct, while regional bloc ECOWAS described it as "largely" peaceful. This election showcased Liberia's progress since the UN's peacekeeping mission ended in 2018, symbolizing a step toward stability after the tumultuous period of civil strife.

With a voter turnout of approximately 66 percent, Liberia's citizens voiced their opinions in an election celebrated for its peaceful nature, setting a positive example for the African continent.


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