Google AdSense Paying Per Impressions Starting 2024

Google has announced two updates to its AdSense program aimed at enhancing consistency and transparency for publishers. The first change is a shift from paying publishers "per click" to "per impression," aligning with the industry standard for display ads. This modification is not expected to impact the types or quantity of ads publishers can display on their websites.

The second change involves splitting the AdSense revenue share into separate rates for the buy-side and sell-side. Publishers will receive 80% of the revenue after accounting for the advertiser platform's fee, whether it's Google's buy-side or third-party platforms. This adjustment is designed to streamline the payment process.

These changes are set to take effect early next year and are intended to offer a more consistent payment structure for publishers without expecting any significant impact on their earnings. Publishers do not need to take any specific actions in response to these updates.

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