I stopped sleeping with Jasmine after catching her sleeping with my son”- Mr Ibu confessional Leaked voice note goes viral

Mr Ibu's Controversial Leaked Voice Note: Unveiling Family Drama and Legal Struggles

A leaked voice note purportedly featuring actor Mr Ibu has surfaced online, detailing his breakup with Jasmine and unraveling a complex web of controversies. In the recording, Mr Ibu allegedly confesses to a relationship with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, but drops a bombshell about catching her in a compromising situation with his son.

Speaking in Igbo, Mr Ibu declares an end to the relationship due to the involvement of his son. This revelation has sparked legal battles affecting Mr Ibu's family, health, and assets. The situation escalated with reported clashes between Mr Ibu's wife, Stella Maris, and Jasmine.

Accusations surfaced, suggesting that Stella Maris sought financial aid from Mr Ibu's donations for cosmetic surgery and a new iPhone. However, Stella Maris vehemently refuted these claims in response to allegations made by an individual named Verydarkman.

The leaked audio, shared by blogger Tosinsilverdam, allegedly captures Mr Ibu admitting to his involvement with Jasmine in a conversation while driving. The entire episode has thrust Mr Ibu and his family into a maelstrom of controversies and legal complexities.

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