Minister Bagudu Praises President Tinubu's Modest Lifestyle and Justifies Budget Allocation for Defense and Security

In a recent statement, Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Atiku Bagudu, commended President Bola Tinubu for leading a humble and modest life. Bagudu made these remarks during the conclusion of a three-day Cabinet Retreat held in Abuja.

Addressing the controversy surrounding the Presidential yacht, Bagudu clarified that the vessel was not intended for Tinubu's personal use. He urged the public to give credit to President Tinubu, stating that the majority of the N2.2tn budget was justified.

According to Bagudu, President Tinubu does not seek personal luxury or comfort. He cited examples of Tinubu's modest lifestyle, such as residing in a three-bedroom apartment in Abuja before assuming the presidency. Bagudu emphasized that President Tinubu is content with his achievements and prioritizes national welfare over personal indulgence.

Defending the allocation of a significant portion of the budget to defense and security, Bagudu highlighted the importance of these funds in enhancing national security. He mentioned President Tinubu's campaign emphasis on tackling security issues and explained that 30% of the supplementary budget was allocated to the defense sector.

Bagudu also stressed the need to support vulnerable populations and fulfill promises. He revealed that 30% of the supplementary budget was dedicated to cash transfers and awards for the most vulnerable, while 25% was allocated to infrastructure development.

The minister underscored the significance of having a well-defined plan and adhering to it for achieving sustainable growth. He referred to expert studies that demonstrate the importance of countries sticking to their plans to achieve long-term growth.


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