Mother Reveals Why Street Hawker Eniola Disguised as a Girl for Help
Kafayat Adeleke, a mother who has been through a lot with her son, Sultan Adeleke, also known as Eniola, recently shared their story. Eniola has a physical deformity from birth that has left people puzzled. 

One day, he encountered Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, a skit maker and comedian known as Brain Jotter, in Lagos. Eniola claimed to be a makeup artist alongside selling bottled water on Lagos highways. 

Impressed by his determination, Brain Jotter gifted Eniola N400,000 and encouraged Nigerians to support her makeup business. The video of this encounter went viral, with Davido urging Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke to help "the girl" as she's from Osun.

Watch the video here

This stirred controversy as some netizens believed that Eniola, who claimed to be a girl, was actually a boy disguising as a girl for public sympathy and support. 

In an interview with Mr. LilGaga, Kafayat Adeleke revealed that her son had been disguising as a girl in Osogbo since 2018 and that he would often run away from home to continue this act.

She clarified that Sultan was born with a deformity and preferred to be called Eniola, but he didn't like taking her calls. In 2020, he went to Lagos to seek help while presenting himself as a girl to gain public support.

Addressing claims that her son ran away due to fears of being used for ritual purposes, Adeleke refuted the idea, stating that Sultan was her favorite among her children and that she loved him for the love and sympathy they received due to his physical condition.

Adeleke also mentioned that her son was passionate about makeup and frequently left home to work on makeup businesses that he had learned in Osogbo. She had accompanied him to ensure his safety, but he eventually insisted on going alone, which led to his departure to Lagos.

She emphasized that she had never asked him for money until his story gained attention and support in recent times. She shared photographs depicting Eniola's deformity since birth and his birth certificate, which confirmed he was born on September 23, 2005.

Eniola later revealed on Instagram Live that he is indeed a boy and that he dressed as a girl to seek help, as he felt that nobody was willing to assist him.

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