Russia Moves to Ban International LGBT Movement Amid Ongoing Crackdown
Russian officials have taken steps to seek a ban on the "International LGBT public movement," escalating a crackdown against liberal-leaning groups, citing extremist activities. The justice ministry filed a claim to recognize and prohibit the movement's activities within Russia.

The proposed ban follows a pattern of intensified suppression against LGBTQ individuals and groups, particularly evident since Russia's incursion into Ukraine. The ministry accused the movement of displaying signs of extremism and inciting social and religious hatred.

However, specifics about the targeted groups or individuals weren't clarified. The move aligns with Russia's broader strategy of using the extremist label against various rights organizations and opposition groups, leading to potential legal repercussions for their members.

Critics, including Dilya Gafurova from the Sphere human rights group, denounced the move as an attempt to erase and ban the LGBTQ community as a social group, emphasizing the vulnerability of marginalized communities in the face of repression.

Russia's recent legislative actions have included banning gender-related medical procedures and administrative changes and passing laws prohibiting LGBTQ "propaganda," creating an increasingly hostile environment for LGBTQ individuals, limiting their rights and freedoms.

The country's staunch adherence to "traditional values," alongside the suppression of dissenting viewpoints, reflects a challenging landscape for LGBTQ rights, with Russia ranking low in Rainbow Europe's tolerance index.


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